The South American python tried to swallow its oversized prey and eventually had its neck punctured by its horn, leaving it trapped and dead next to its prey.

An African rock python is trying to swallow a wildebeest after strangling the animal. However, in the process of swallowing prey, the African rock python had a rather rare accident when the antelope’s horns pierced its throat.

Python Pictures - Gruesome Photos Of A Python Swallowing An Antelope

Due to being trapped, the python could not continue to swallow nor release its prey. After writhing in pain for a while, the python finally broke free from the antelope’s horns and crawled into the bushes to escape.

With this serious wound, it is likely to have many difficulties in hunting. At least, the python must wait until the wound heals before it can continue to hunt.

African rock pythons are not the largest of the python family, but they do eat very large prey. Its favorite foods are large rodents, monkeys, antelopes, poultry, dogs, goats, sheep. Despite being on the arid continent, there have been countless pictures of them devouring a crocodile in the swamp.

African rock pythons are considered predatory and very aggressive. They often attack humans.






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