Too dissatisfied to see his nest occupied by poisonous snakes. The woodpecker and his wife teamed up to use their giant needle-sharp beaks to blind the poisonous snake to save the baby bird from death in a dramatic way.

The story, the mother woodpecker continuously attacks the “uninvited” viper, which partly shows us, when the love for the child and the resentment are at the extreme, even the most feared enemy , the mother woodpecker is not “bored”.

In the video, which was accidentally captured by a group of tourists, is the image of the red-headed woodpecker Pilated to death with a viper. This is a woodpecker endemic to North America.

The mother woodpecker had just returned from searching for food for her cubs when she discovered that the “evil thief” was a poisonous snake that was entering the nest and eating her young birds.

Without a second of hesitation, the mother woodpecker rushed in, pecking at the snake repeatedly, causing the snake to poke its head out in response, while still holding the baby bird in its mouth.

Using the skills bestowed by nature, the woodpecker uses its beak that can knock 100 times a minute to attack evil enemies.

Finally, after a consecutive attack, the snake with wounds on its body, fortunately escaped death before the chase of the woodpecker mother. Meanwhile, the woodpeckers also escaped death.

Motherhood in the animal world is perhaps the trait that makes us human beings most empathetic and emotional.






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